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We won't go to Ravenholm again.


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Yeah now that i got me a new comp i started to play HL2 again. I never got to play it with full settings, also i had to reformat when i was almost at the end so i actually never played it throw, but it couldn't be far off. Anyway some questions, at option-video-advanced i have now High Dynamic Range set to "Full (if available)" and it has a * which says at the bottom "* settings recomended for your system". But i could also chose Bloom (if available) but should i? I've heard so much about this Bloom when i souldn't play on full, how great it was and so on. So what should i choose? Full or Bloom? Another thing, can i change the color on the crosshair? As it is now i can hardly see it when it is bright. Or maybe change it's shape?

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About bloom vs hdr, I don't believe you can have both. but HDR is by far better than bloom, It's basically a eye adaptation effect when you enter a light/dark area. Although I don't think HL2 has that, only EP1 and EP2 (correct me if I'm wrong)

if you can't see your crossair when It's bright, it's because your monitor is not calibrated, take 5minuts to do so and pay a visit to this site: http://www.lagom.nl/lcd-test/

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