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This is an Natural-Selection map!

I hopes you will enjoy the map, it's combat and not so big in scale but the map tells it self : Great Lighting :wink:

Well, not my best work actually but lets give it a try.



Download : http://www.nsarmslab.com/forums/index.php?act=Attach&type=post&id=19471

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I actually didn't even know if this was the same guy that the stole work. Highly pathetic. I disagree with him being here then, but there being another 2 moderators I think it would be incorrect of me to make a decision on my own.

Also, yeah, your lighting isn't THAT great, it's ok. Besides even if it was great, saying it's great is really making you a rater. No one likes self-proclaimation of greatness. On the other hand, the first shot is quite nice.

- Ewok

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I like it, the lighting somehow brings christmas to my mind..Also it's a lot more bearable than most of the ns-maps have, I FUCKING HATE those goddamn pastel colored tubes with nothing really great in them. It's so unrealistic and it's OVERUSED.

About the stealing of other peoples work, that's pathetic. Also it is pathetic to come talk about it to a map that he has made by himself. Get over it.

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