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Zion:indie game with code nearly done looking for creatives

J Randall

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http://www.moesaverage.com/zion/ wip website.


currently the classes are getting finished up and he will soon be moving on to artificial intelligence.

Think of it as a cyber punk final fantasy tactics, it will be a strategy RPG, The script is also in w.i.p.

Here is some concept of one of the characters...


and here he is in low poly.


You can introduce yourself and follow our progress here:


We are looking for people that understand and are interested both in the cyberpunk genre and the game play of final fantasy tactics.

Distribution has not been finalized, right now up in the air is release demo/beta and hope we get picked up or do a sweat equity develop wholly ourself and release on XNA/Xbox360, we are using the ogre engine which is both powerful and easy to develop for.



Creation of entire scenes for the battle field and us in cinematic, locations include Modern day new york, a future sci-fi new york, wasteland country sides, spaceships and space stations.

Character creation:

right now spec is 4k-ish(may get bumped up if we go XNA) polygons with normal map, spec and ao, if you don't know how to uv layout please make the time to learn, and even if the specifications get bumped up polygon distribution is still key

Concept work / weapons and environment

Ability to draw same object at multiple angles, ability to take crits and bring your own twist and breathe life into the cyberpunk mythos.

Current Team:

1 Leader/coder / Bloodychill

3 Modelers Fabiodan, Myself, thatguy(environment)

3 Concept artists Pinback. Ari, and Ninken

we also have 2 audio guys, and they have made some cool stuff to listen to while you work.

We have a plan and vision please no idea guys or offers for script writing we have that handled. Looking for experienced and dedicated content creators that want to join something that will be finished. Thank you for your time.

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