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pl_cranetop - a blast from the past


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*** Update: pl_cranetop_b8 has been released! Get it from fpsbanana. ***

A long time ago (in 1999) I created a TFC map called Cranetop. It was a very large Hunted map and I never was able to play it on a full server. I got some positive feedback, but soon TFC waned and many of us moved on. Until...

In 2007 a -=Great Game=- was released - TF2. When Goldrush was released I started working on a Cranetop successor - now it's here. It's called pl_cranetop.

Here is the map on FPS Banana:


This is a three stage Payload map with a small twist: the payload is suspended from a crane and BLU must first capture the crane top. BLUE has three spawn exits in order not to get locked in, but the map gets progressively harder, especially during the second stage, which takes place in REDs underground bunker.

Here are some comparision screenshots:

thm_149845.jpg thm_149809.jpg

thm_149846.jpg thm_149810.jpg

thm_149847.jpg thm_149811.jpg

thm_149848.jpg thm_149812.jpg

thm_149849.jpg thm_149813.jpg

There are numerous modifications from the original (which you can find here: http://www.fpsbanana.com/maps/65821). TF2 has no ladders and no Hunted game mode, and on top of that I had to decompile my old map because I'd lost the map file. So this is a complete reconstruction, brush for brush, and then twisted and stirred and modified for the TF2 style. Enjoy!

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pl_cranetop_b4 has been released!

Download the latest version from fpsbanana


The changelog:

-- Beta 4 --

Added a third stage

Added a mission briefing with text and screenshots

Added in-game instructions on crane operation via chalk boards

Lowered spawn times except on last CPs of the stages

Redesigned and enlarged back entrance room and back door to stage 2

Enlarged small steps in the entrance hall at CP 6

Enlarged small sewers at stage 2 RED spawn and added more signage

Enlarged RED spawn exit area on stage 1 and added some detail and a wall

Slightly moved stage 1 tracks so players can get between the cart and RED spawn

Added even more clips to doors, stairs and railings

Fixed getting stuck below the warehouse

Fixed dead end sewer pipes not being black

Fixed more occurences of getting stuck when being pushed by the payload

Changed some stairs to props

Made a number of optical changes

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Sorry, I'm recompiling right now. Dedicated servers crash with this error because of an engine limitation that doesn't occur with local listen servers.

This is caused by having too many entities (there is a stupid 4096 entity dictionary limit). The command line option -num_edicts 8192 _may_ solve the problem, but I'll just reduce the number of entities, recompile, and upload another version. I'm very sorry for the inconvenience - if only the dedicated server behaved identically to the listen server, this would've been caught much earlier (read: it's Valve's fault. And mine, for not testing on a dedicated server)

I have deleted a few hundred entities (mostly light_glow, props, and detail brushes).

I've installed the TF2 dedicated server and will test the map thoroughly. I will spawn some bots and have them flip out, but wether the map will accomodate 32 players in a real game, I cannot say after trying it on a live server.

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okay, tested it :)

It´s really awesome, I guess it´ll be one of the best tf2 maps gameplaywise.

The only thing i dislike is the outside area, 3d-skybox etc, it looks too boring, just some displacement hills...

Thanks for liking it!

Yes, the skybox is a bit bland. I hadn't really groked displacements when I did it (in May), and although I've been adding to it, I had to delete a lot of stuff in the current version because of the edict restrictions. Most stock skybox buildings are crap, and if you need anything good looking, you have to build it yourself and func_detail it. TF2 Skyboxes generally need a lot of work to look good, and most players don't even see them.

I hope the gameplay makes up for the crappy skybox in this and future revisions of the map.

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Update: pl_cranetop_b6 has been released!


-- Beta 6 --

Rotated the rocket tower and shortened stage 3 track

Enlarged the fenced area in the volcano

Readded steps to the upper ramp in stage 3 rocket dome

Reconstructed the upper stage 3 right side room with more cover

Added a room and two small tunnels to stage 3, deleted dropdown vent

Added another CP to stage 3 - it's fake (8 is max), but works mostly like a real one

Added more cover to stage 3 volcano dome side entrances

Moved the BLU blackboard so that it actually gets read

Fixed a faulty one-way door and added "Dead end" signs in stage 3

Fixed getting stuck on the cart at the switch to the monorail

Fixed invisible stairs being solid in stage 2 sewers

Fixed faulty stairs in stage 1 wooden warehouse

Fixed a small spot from where you could jump over the RED spawn wall

Converted some func_details to displacements or world brushes to free entities

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*** Update: pl_cranetop_b7 has been released! Get it from fpsbanana. ***

-- Beta 7 --

Fixed grayscale display on map restart after stage 3 BLU win

Fixed the cart moving backwards too fast

Allowed more time for the server to change carts to eliminate the floating bomb bug

Moved stage 2 last cp a bit. Should be easier to capture now

Added entrances to stage 2 last cp room from the air vent area

Deleted the electric transformer room in stage 3 because the route was redundant

Deleted a redundant entrace to stage 3 from the BLU side

Slightly shortened the stage 3 mining tunnel

Added a bit of cover to RED spawn 3 so not everyone gets sniped when exiting the spawn room

Changed the area under the rocket room a bit, providing some space to hide spies or teleporters

For visual feedback the monorail cart is now destroyed when the crane picks up the bomb

Lots of performance improvements for the last room

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