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Portal: Prelude


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I'm sending this message because this website is among the most popular websites talking about the Half-Life universe. I found you via the Valve Developer Community, and I need to ask you a favor. We're a team of three frenchies, and we are happy to announce that our current project, Portal: Prelude is nearing its conclusion.

You may ask yourself, "what the hell is this all about" ? Portal: Prelude ? Never heard about this, huh ? Yes of course, and this is exactly the point. You never heard about it because it was developped in the dark, and kept secret until almost fully finished and polished. Now, the game is nearly finished and we are looking for sponsors to help us promote the game around the Internet and provide hosting if possible. First, we would really appreciate you to help us promote our work, by relaying the news and offering a link to our official trailer. And in a second time, if you are able to provide us with a hosting mirror for the game files (approximately 750 MB) please let us know by sending an email to press@portalprelude.com.

Here's a list of media you can use to build a news :

- The body message here (if needed) : http://www.portalprelude.com/2008/09/wh ... -about.php

- The trailer : http://www.portalprelude.com/videos.php

+ Vimeo : http://www.vimeo.com/1739740

+ Dailymotion : http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x6ro9g ... videogames

+ Youtube : http://fr.youtube.com/watch?v=X2XExZ1FFoU

Others :

- Screenshots : http://www.portalprelude.com/screenshots.php

- The soundtrack : http://www.portalprelude.com/soundtrack.php

- The team : http://www.portalprelude.com/team.php

- The forums : http://www.portalprelude.com/forum/

The game is set to be released somewhere around the end of september, or the beginning of october.

We hope you'll take us seriously and help us to get the visibility we need.


— NykO18 (Portal: Prelude Manager)

PS: Don't take me wrong if I post the same message on a lot of different places. That would have been sooooo long to make a custom one for every website. That doesn't mean you're not counting for us. Communication is hard.

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