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SnarkPit Competition Voting...


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Hello all. I decided to finally sign-up for this purpose but I'm a long time reader though.

Anyhow, I'd like to welcome any to The SnarkPit. We're a small mapping community that's been around for a while. Many of you might remember us back in the golden days of Half-Life. We still have all our old tutorials, and we recently changed looks but that's about it. Our active members are dwindling. So I have come here to ask for some of your spare time...


We recently completed a small competition and are now in the community voting process. If you have HL2 DM and HL2 EP2 installed, then I urge you to come check out the entries and download them too so that you may participate in the voting. -And sign up if you can't find your old username and password! :P -We welcome any feedback.

The voting thread can be found here: Snarkpit's 2008 mini-competition.

-Thanks for checking us out!

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You can 'bring back' A black layout via the top right link on any page (looks like a single snark against a black background). -It will change the CSS to resemble the old site somewhat.

-And Reno, I understand you're busy, but you've got a week left! -Better get to it! :D

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