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For a while I've thought a lot of talent isn't getting the recognition it deserves from Mapcore. Being a featured artist should be reserved for exceptional work but it's also important to actively reward it where it's due.

For example, Majoris, a relatively new member of the community, has done fucking amazing work on his Insurgency maps. Ins_Buhriz is easily equal to or greater than some of the maps that have been previously spotlighted.

Minos last release was also amazing.

Hessi's dod_kolsch wasn't received particularly well. I thought this showed a fair bit of integrity that everyone didn't sycophantically tell him it was amazing. I also think Hessi is a contender for the most arrogant person on the internets but he's also a fucking good mapper and probably deserved a spotlight for that one.

I also find it odd that Reno isn't a featured artist. He's an accomplished mapper and even won the 1024 map comp.

I think the featured artist status should be reserved for maps of the utmost quality but we should also be actively recognising the talent round here. Purhaps a slightly formalised criteria or spotlight submission process could help?


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why the hate, m8nkey? you shouldnt be so serious about the internet. i might actually be a quiet person in real life :) at least folks enjoy working with me :)

i agree with the lack of rewarding latest submissions!

No hate here. I don't know if it's a cultural difference but you often come off as arrogant in your posts. There was also the time I attempted to talk to you on MSM until you called me a fanboi of yours and basically said my work wasn't worth commenting on.

It really doesn't bother me though and wasn't the point of this thread, hell, I still think you deserved a spotlight for kolsch. Even if you're an arrogant bastard :wink:

The internets is serious business!!!

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What's the fairest way of handling the spotlight process you lot can think of? Technically implementing it is no problem and I've been saying (to myself) for a while that I'll look into it properly once I launch my newest site, but I've no idea how we'd handle working out who should get one, making sure we have a mix of styles and not just the preferences of one or two mods, how to ensure not too many people have the tag (ie: 99% of Mapcorians), etc. I was thinking maybe a temporary tag below usernames, and a proper nice list of past featured members on a page?

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I guess the fairest way to bring everybody in to the decision making process would be that any thread in the "finished work gallery" automatically has an option/button/thing to let people flag it as spotlight worthy. To stop people voting yes to any old thing we could perhaps limit users to 1/2/3 spotlight votes a week. Obviously you also couldn't vote on threads you had started yourself.

After around a week or so we could then assign or not assign spotlight status based on those votes. Not entirely fair, as if a thread doesn't get viewed by many people then the chance of the work it shows being spotlighted is slim. If it's a quiet week at the 'core, or if the site goes down for a few days, or whatever, then there's the chance it'll get overlooked or not have a long enough voting period, and so miss out on its chance to be spotlighted.

I guess there's THEN the option of having the number of spotlight votes needed being related to the number of unique members that had viewed the thread, but that may then get really quite complicated!

Maybe best to just keep it simple; have a "nominate for spotlight" button that members can press, and that increments a counter. Its then at the moderators discretion whether it should get spotlighted. If something is 2 months old and gets a new vote, its probably safe to ignore it. If its 3 days old and the count is at 28, then it's probably earned its stripes :)

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i think reno's suggestion is pretty fair.

i dont know about cg society other than i've heard they're a bunch of elitist assholes, but then again that's not much different from mapcore. i don't know why we should consider buying into their system and not just making our own. spotlight is a mapcore thing after all; not a cg society thing.

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Also, forgot to mention that I agree with thrik - it's probably best to have an expiry on the "featured artist" status that comes along with having your work spotlighted. I think a month is a decent amount of time. We'll have the spotlight forum to forever chronicle their glory. Would be good to then have - like our old frontpage - some more prominent display of the most recent 5 on the forum homepage.

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That's always been the plan as far as I'm aware, to work what was once on the front page into the header of the forums themselves. That bit's no problem, this thread is more for establishing a process of selection and shit. :D

Regarding the process, having it as simple as possible is good. Having users able to hit a 'nominate for spotlight' button does sound nice, and very easy for people to do. Perhaps once a work has 15 nominations like e-freak said, it's then left up to the moderators when and if they promote it (it's going to be obvious if a shitty map got voted up because he got all his friends to help him out).

I think this'd be a good compromise between moderators having to keep a close eye on each and every thread and being responsible for every decision from start to finish, and also giving the community a good say in the matter. :-D

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