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Tattoos and the games industry


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This one goes for everyone who works in the games industry. How are tattoos seen in this industry? I don't think industry people care much about them but who knows... I'd rather not work at a place who doesn't accept a tattooed person anyways. (yeah I'm thinking of getting one)

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Yes, definitely. No matter how much you might be proud of your tattoo, always get it somewhere you have the option of easily covering it up. Sometimes you might need to look professional for an interview or something, or might be in a situation where you could feel potentially self-conscious about your tattoo (plan for when you could be in your 40s and some kind of executive). :oops:

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Being in the Navy I feel weird not having tattoos. I can count on one hand other co-workers who don't.

A few of my mates are notorious for going out, getting drunk and then tattoed almost on a weekly basis. It's pretty damn funny the shit they get done whilst drunk. I know one guy who has a very impressive chinese style arm sleeve comprising of waves and fish. The same guy also has some of the worst tattoos I've seen including port and starboard written on his left/right feet and also mum and dad written on his left and right elbows.

Another guy has his brothers and sisters names written along his forearms in the gayest font I've even seen.

The funniest though is a mate who got the lyrics to a Grinspoon (Australian band) song inscribed on his stomach. Unfortunately his grammar, and the tattooists, weren't great so instead of "More than you are" he ended up with "More then you are".

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