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Old Washroom Scene [wip]

General Vivi

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This scene is a semi old one that I decided to dig up to better hone my scene development skills. Blue/white brick texture was made by PhilE from interlopers.net , and roof ac unit was made by bitmap , all other custom models / textures were made by me.

This is still wip and will hopefully be finished soon! I will be working on it back and forth with my current portal map.


Dev blocking in for ruff game play ideas


Quick texture test to get a feeling for the scene


Another quick pass for temp lighting







Big change in layout of the interior proved to be a good decision and helped bring out the theme for the building.



Quick template brush stuff


Now start applying it to the exterior of the building



After that quick compile test I continued the look




More to come soon! Still needs a lot of work! Hopefully this is a step in the right direction ^^!

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As always I'm still speechless behind your skill Mister Vivi!

I would suggest you to try a render of this scene at night to get a better felling of the fact that this washroom is old and abandoned. I would also suggest you to create a contrast between the old washroom setting here and present buildings:

- I think that it would be interesting to feel and see that this building is going to be destroy by adding small details in the 3d skybox such as a crane or whatever...

If I were you I would try to set that building in town in a wasted ground which waiting to be replaced by a new building. I would add a advertising which explain that that domain has been sold and add a crane behind the washroom. I won't make you a sketch, I dunno want to influence your job, you got just my felling compared to your work.

Cheer and keep it up!

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Nice looking stuff Vivi. I'd suggest using overlays to create patches of light on the floor to correspond with the windows. Here's a screenshot from cs_assault of what I'm trying to explain cs_assault0000.jpg

Just create a material with an alpha map gradiant to express the light falloff.

Here's a VMT template I use to create such overlays.



"$basetexture" "directory/VTFname"

"$additive" "1"

"$decal" "1"

"$decalscale" "0.250"


here is my layout and the idea is to make this a small interactive slice of a city. Not sure exactly how just yet but the pieces are falling into place slowly :D!

You could release it for Gary's mod. The depth of field post processing in Gary's Mod is really effective for screenshots.

Last thing I'd suggest is modeling the building windows. I think you can afford the extra polygons.

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