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Xbox 360 / PC Game - Modelers/Texturers Wanted!

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not sure if this is the correct place to post this but...

Introducing: Sora

What are we making it for?

Xbox 360 - Dream Build Play Competition, XBOX Live (XBLCG)

PC - Self Distribution through soraworld.com and we hope a third party distributor (e.g. Steam)

iPhone - iTunes app store (in discussion, development not started)


Demo - 23rd September 2008

Sora Xbox - Christmas 2008


Percentage of revenue earned from sale.. and we do believe we will make some money, but more than that we're doing it for the love!


XNA, Sora Engine

Talent Needed Now for DBP Deadline (Multi skilled are more than welcome)




Talent Needed for Future Develpment and Other Projects

Technical Artists (Particularly those well versed in shader code)

Graphic Designers

Web Designers

C++/XNA/iPhone Coders (Not that it's relevant to this forum, but you never know!)

Current Team

A few key words to describe our team would be dedicated, motivated, fun, talented and organised. We are all focused on our individual fields but criticism and the sharing of ideas is encouraged between everyone.

Charles, UK - XNA Coding

Ken, Hong Kong - XNA Coder

Michael, Korea - Concepts, Art Direction

Myself, UK - Design (game and graphic), Management

Maritn, Dutch - Composer

Collaboration Method

We use SVN versioning system, emails and msn messenger.

Recently we have moved over to Assembla, which has some other extra features.


Anyway, enough formalities.. I'll spend the next paragraph trying to get you as excited about Sora as we are.

Sora is a visually distinctive, first person flight game with its focus on immersive action, an intertwining of storytelling with game play as well as a unique collaborative multiplayer dynamic. Acting as either the pilot or navigator of a dual manned open-top aircraft, through a series of missions explorable from a freely roamable sky, Sora will challenge and develop the players skill as either a dextrous pilot or master tactician.

Sora itself is a sky bound planet of floating cities and vast ships. Everything in Sora originates from the Source, the brilliant cloud of immeasurable energy that anybody foolish to venture to has never returned from. The Source blesses Sora with clouds, the currency and life force of Sora from which water and energy are extracted. In the beginning Sora was healthy throughout but the growth of regions of lifelessness and extreme weather sparked mass migration to the North and South poles of Sora where the clouds are plentiful and stable. Those left behind found a way to survive in the harsh environment and have begun to attack those more fortunate. The story follows your journey from a humble delivery pilot or navigator to a protector of the Union or as a uniter of the Void people. Whichever path you take, through stories of betrayal, corruption, consequence and love, you will inevitably be drawn to the depths of the Source.

Current Progress and Media

* Sora Engine is more or less complete to the level required for our current needs.

* Coders are working on tools for artists/design (model viewers, game state)

* Sora's music score is being etched out as you read this

* Concepts are being crafted

* The big push from now is concepts, design and engine ---> Sora, the game.

There is alot in the way of concept work and technical demos but without a modeller so far, I hope the following will suffice to portray our vision of Sora.







Cloud/Sky Engine


http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=E5P3JBLLF4E - Youtube video link (this is just demo of clouds, ignore everything else!)

Model Viewer/Scene editor (first build)


Inspirations for this project

Work my Range Murata (particularly Last Exile)

Steam Punk

Non Photorealistic Rendering

Frustrating GamesBeautiful GamesLooking at clouds

Who Should Apply

* If you are talented and passionate about what you do

* If you can contribute a reasonable amount of time (we don't expect your entire life, we are workers/students/family people too).

* If you have a vision for games with more creativity than they have now

* If you can communicate effectively and honestly with other people in a team.

* If you want to do something awesome!


zennatavares@hotmail.com (email and/or msn)


http://www.soraworld.com (under construction, read: just registered)

Thank You

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I just thought I'd update this thread to let you guys know the progress of Sora.

We made our first deadline for Dream Build Play as planned, had to rush a few things and cut some things out for the demo but here is our video entry.

Now we are going back to preproduction and design to define and then create the original vision of the game in all it's detail and glory.

This means it is the perfect time to join our team, which is currently 7 strong-

We are still looking for the current positions:




Other positions

XNA Developers

Mobile (iPhone/Android) Developers

Other skilled game programmers (AI/Graphics/Anything)

Note: we are not looking to create a large loose team of casual contributors, we want a small, focused and dedicated team. Also note that while we all have other commitments (work/school/families) we do what we can, and communicate with each other effectively about what is and is not possible.

More concept art








Updated Sora Editor


If you are interested, talented and willing to work hard in a team, then contact me:



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I really like the concepts. In my experience, it's difficult finding good concept artists to work with. I am from the U.S. if that is of any concern. I am a 3D Artist of roughly 2 years, mainly specializing in characters, but I can do more. I would like to hear more in depth about your time commitments(i.e. when you are hoping for this be out, etc.). I would like to contribute at least a little if you are still in need of 3D. Let me know and I could provide you some samples of my work if needed. Thanks.

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