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San Andreas


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San Andreas is on the hd and its all set up and ready to go :D!!!

Oooooo gonna be bstevr time when i get home

sadly katamari damacy wasnt installed on it, but ill install that when i get home


Tis only while i wait for it to be released in europe tho, wud be a sin not to pay 4 san andreas!11~

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got SA last night. Totally loved it. As mike can atest I played til 3am in teh morning and we got the damn thing at 7 or so, so that is a lot of GTA happenings.

Mike just loved to go into stores, order some food, eat, adn then proceed to kill everyone in the store and run like hell. I took the time to just fuck around and explore what I could. I won't spoil anything with all the cool things I found, but there are a lot of awesome things in the game and we are only a few hours into it.

Its buckets of fun.

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