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HL² TC - Concept artist


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I am a experienced dedicated mapper, prop-modeler and texture artist.

I have started to work on a source mod a few weeks ago, i have thought about a lot of years.

There is not much to show yet, so this is not a recuitment for the mod.

What i need:

I need a experienced concept artist that can re-do my very ugly sketches.

My hope is, that this will get me better chances to recruit members for my mod.

What i can do for you:

Well, i cant give you money.

I can do what my skills are: mapping, propmodeling, creating textures.

If you need any of these for one of your projects, i could do it for you.

Here is something like a portfolio, so you can see i am no newbie.


Please contact me:

icq 163479041

msn erzeh@hotmail.de

email hurnson@googlemail.com

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