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Guido Anchovy


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whats the polycount so far, good sir ?

cause I have the feeling that it could be optimized in certain areas. Some parts look really nice and round and others look very edgy/blocky.

And the smoothing groups are bad :/

When you pos wip's I would either make nice smoothing groups, or just post some wireframe overlayed renders. I mean somehow we need to be able to criticize, otherwise it doesn't make sense to show a wip. :(

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hmm, i'll post some more screens this weekend

well about smothing groups, i'm using seperate smoothing groups all over the model because i don't want it to be smooth all over, like on the edges need to be sharp, the poly count is good for my budget (7,000).

this mod is not intended for low end pc's.

i am going to add some more polys to the cheaks to give it a more rounded look later.

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7000 triangles only for this head ?

Are you serious about that ? If so, I'd really like to see a wireframe.


oh wait, I think I misunderstood. You meant that the budget is 7000 in the end, I guess. Anyways getting to know the actual polycount is pretty interesting no matter at which dev status you are, but if you wanna keep it to yourself, then do so :)

Well of course you use smoothing groups to get hard edges, I just noticed some errors here and there, which could be easily fixed by applying them properly.

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the reason why i'm hesitant to post the poly count or the wireframe is because i'm still working on it and i don't like posting early stage technicals because people tend to go bezerk when they hear it, the head is in good moderation right now but i will optimize it later when cleaning the model up.

also, i'm trying to find out of hl2 models support open edges, if so, i can remove a lot of polygons that are inside the helmet which i really need to do.

you also see a line going down the middle of the model because i haven't welded the vertices yet. the model is asymetrical, so i model half, copy the other half as a reference and get it close to the middle

the smoothing groups should be fine after i tweak with them for a bit tho ;)

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