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Wrath of the Lich King Cinematic


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While I liked this cinematic, as with all Blizzard cinematics, it had me wanting to see more about the new areas / abilities etc in the expansion, but that's asking a bit much I suppose. I'm sure WotLK will have a huge launch and I might be back to doing more "MMO research" in Northrend :roll:

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i dont think you can compare the trailers. one was made in mind with showing off as much content as possible while the other was made with hiding the same content in suspense. there are good and bad parts in both of them. i liked the action in the warhammer one, albeit it seemed a bit random at times. i liked the unveiling of the monster in the wow one, but it was boring to sit through. also, it had the BLIZZARD PRESENTS in the middle of the trailer. it makes my blood boil whenever i see companies put that in trailers, movies or games.

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