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small mod team needs recruites, PLZ APPLY

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Hi, Im currently recruiting a team for creating a game mod, unfortuanately locally all I seem to get are animators and modelers, and not so much the mappers and coders I need, right now we are 3 people, doing the roles of Game design, producer, concept artist, animation and modelers. We also decided to use the HL2 source engine for our mod since mainly any PC can run the source engine and doesnt require anyone to pay and upgrade their current hardware aswell as the fact that the source SDK and modding tools are freely available, and there is large community for all needed documentation, tutorials and other resources.

Anyone who feels they can help contribute their skills and knowledge, and can commit to working with us are more than welcome, no matter what your expertise, we are serious about it aswell as very commited, and would apreciate the help.

To contact me, please email me at shea7993@gmail.com and send me samples of your work aswell as a short paragraph of what you can contribute, and if you do have any experiance at all with any modding especialy with the source engine, it is however not required that you have experiance... Mappers familiar with hammer, coders familiar with source are needed.

All details of the project will be disclosed after contacting me

Thanx for taking the time to read this ad

Kind regards


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