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Small mod team looking for concept artist


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We (myself and Alex) are two dedicated modders who spend almost all of our time working on modding for the source engine. For the past 3 years we have been working on a mod called Fullmoon (http://www.fullmoon-mod.com) but we reached a stand still because of valve not releasing the necessary compilers for producing shaders for mods yet.

To cut a long story short, we have left Fullmoon being in sort of stand still for the main reasons that a) its a very restrictive concept and we have pretty much done everything we intended to do with it and learned almost all their is to learn about modding for the source engine. Thus we feel we have honed our skills and are ready for something fresh and b) it cannot be released due to Valves insatiably slow and erratic deadlines and release dates.

We are already developing a new mod with a brand new, more flexible concept and idea. Right now our main goal is to create a mod that fixes some of the issues with the source engines net code (minor issues) and make it a more competitive fast paced game. Our mod will hopefully be a mixture of Quakes beautifully smooth and fast game play and possibly a premise similar to that of the Ghost in the Shell tv series and movies with some under lying tones of Mass Effect and Crysis (all quite futuristic and modern).

What we need is an artist or artists who can work along side us in helping to realise a design and visual theme for our mod so that we can start getting real assets and beautiful art works into this already flourishing mod. If you think you have what it takes to help us out please contact me by either posting back here, email me, or msn me: felixgeen@yahoo.com or get me on steam friends: snah

Thanks in advance all and i hope to hear back from someone.

-Felix aka snah

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