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computer racism


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ok today something really pissed me off: i got a new machine at work and it is a DELL computer. i just wanted to plug in my monitor and.... BULLSHIT! they had a weird 2-in-1 DVI port that looks completely different than any regular DVI port does. i had to search for the adapter cable to separate the one port into 2. MAY I ASK WHY?

in gods name, why do we have standards when companies like dell act like racists and blocking non-DELL hardware. even apple is guilty of the same thing with the USB cable of some older keyboards.

even my wacom cintiq has a 3-in-1 cable that goes into a converter box. so there is no way i could possible get a longer cable except it ask directly at wacom and pay overpriced.

this computer racism is making me mad :ssj:

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Yeah, DELL can be pretty annoying when it comes to that.

Another company that would seem likely of doing these sort of things would be Apple, but to be honest ever since they went Intel everything is pretty compatible with each other. I suppose the Mac Mini is a perfect example of a Mac playing nicely with PC hardware.

I guess you will have to get a new monitor from DELL then? It would be a nice excuse to increase screen size real estate. :)

Or maybe you can find one of those converter boxes or whatever?

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