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Rory's Material Set V2


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You don't have to credit me in your mod for these.

Just don't modify them in any way without my permission.

Detail Props:

To have these materials emit my custom Detail Sprites during compile, and not the default HL2 ones, you must edit two settings in Hammer. You must change these two settings for each map you wish to use my materials and their accompanying Detail Sprites in. In Hammer, navigate to Map -> Map Properties and then:

  • Input detail\Rory_detailsprites into the Detail material file field.

  • Input Rory_detail.vbsp into the Detail .vbsp file field.

The Detail sprites will only emit when the materials are applied to Displacement Surfaces. Also take note that:

  • Blends appended with "_A" don't emit Detail Sprites.

  • Blends appended with "_B" emit Detail Sprites.

Known Issues:

  • Detail Sprites in Episode two are broken.

  • Mud01 never emits sprites even in the _B blends. It's sprites have been turned off as Mud01 is a riverbed material and the reeds it emits will be clipped by any water plane, which is an undesirable effect.


EP1 engine Compatible Set

OB engine Compatible Set

Here's a video I put on youtube of me fighting antlions in a map using them: VIDEO





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The natural textures look quite good, but i agree with what has been said about the sprites so i wont bother repeating.

As for the buildings textures, i cant really tell enough to give you some specific tips. But i will say they need the saturation dropping down quite a bit, especially the brick. I'd also say the bricks seem quite uniform in colour, try and vary the tone/ hue of the bricks slightly. Also try adding some lighter coloured motor in between the bricks, it all seems the same colour at the moment.

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  • 1 month later...

I've released a fixed version. There's now an EP1 set and an OB set. And now single-texture materials also emit detail props, not just the blends.

There are still two problems though:

1: in EP2 the detail sprites are screwed up. I'm getting help from a Valve guy on the Steam forums about it.

2: Mud01 should be emitting reed sprites. But there is sadly a limitation in Source where sprites will be clipped by the water plane.

So I have reeds turned off for Mud01 for the forseeable future. There's no point having reeds if Mud01 then can't be used near water. I envisioned it being used as a riverbed material first and foremost after all.

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