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John Romero and Daikatana


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":1zifh3cp]Man, Daikatana was a BAD game! Even for that time, the graphics were horrible! :(

On the other hand, DeusEx is the best game ever made by the hands of Ion Storm! :D Although John Romero wasn't on Ion storm by then. Nice link btw.

The games were developed in seperate offices at about the same time, Daikatana in Dallas, Deus Ex in Austin.

"We had a skin for a little arrow, and it was 1300x960 pixels!"

- John Romero


This is also the best quote ever.

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I thought this was the best quote;

"When you set yourself up as the second coming, you better deliver."

- 3D Realms' George Broussard

The article was pretty nuts, I know a few of the guys in there too. There's definitely lots of lessons to be learned in there, most importantly, this one:


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I used to have that generic lack of respect for Romero, since everybody were bashing him then they would obviously be right, right? :)

Anyway, after reading Masters of Doom (Only book I've read in a few years, definitely recommendable) and listening to his appearance on Gamespots shortlived "Designer Threads" and generally just reading interviews with him then I've really grown to admire him. http://www.gamespot.com/features/6156985/index.html

He's definitely got an ego, but its been blown completely out of proportions.

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