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Hey guys.

I'm glad and proud to announce that Portuguese developer Seed Studios, after finishing 3 NintendoDS titles, can finally announce a project for the PlayStation3 platform.

We are very proud of what we are achieving with this new platform, and we are working really hard and putting all our passion into this.

Also, we are going to be present on this year GC (leipzig) to showcase the project to some possible publishers.

This is pretty much what I can tell you so far, hit the jump to our newest website for a little more info.


Thanks :D

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So HP, why PS3? I can't imagine a single thing about the console that's good for a newbie company for their first big name project, what with the Cell processor and seven cores and might as well be discovered alien technology for how different it is from everything else :oops: Especially with region locking and restrictions and console companies being douchebags in general...

Well anyway :v Good luck!

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