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Some textures - pictures inside :)


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Hi guys, i`m new at mapcore. Great forum :) I thought its time to show some of my work i created the last few months. Ive been working with ps for about three years, spending most of the time in creating textures.

Hope you like it...


a small preview of my "nk_ww2" custom texture set, which i created for Day of Defeat.



2 wip shots of the "nk_ww2 - vol.2" texture set



a SciFict door and wall i created for my "ns_duke" custom texture set for natural selection...you can find the dl of this set HERE

at least some "created_just_for_fun" textures ;)




pff, i better stop bugging you :D

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those are so very awsome, only comments are that the tire treads are too perfect on that first road texture, it looks like one truck went over the road with only one tire on each side of the road going perfectly straight etc, its too perfect, mess it up a bit. Those book cases look good but look flat because its just as light inside of them as outside of them

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8) didn`t expect that much comments :)

So first of all: I only released two wads, one for NS and one for DOD.

You can find the DOD one HERE and the NS one HERE

unfortunately it`s just my own sucking free webspace, maybe im able to add some mirrors later ;)

@Pericolos0: never tried zbrush but I have to... sounds interesting! in fact, the texture is 100% handpainted (PhotoShop) maybe thats why it looks some kind of strange :D

@Minotauro: I`m sure kleinluka`s work had a great influence of myself. I know his work from some german mapping boards ... he`s got a great style!

@DD: yeah, that resolution thing... i created most of the textures 512² but i had to scale them 256² for the good old hl (quake) engine :roll:

But now i start doing more high resoltion textures :) for example that SciFict texture was created in 1024²

@all: thx for your positve reactions :)

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