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Printing Long Things


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So I'm kinda into last.fm and they have an API that allows external applications to use user's data. One of them is called Last Graph:


Which creates a badass chart based on the volume of songs you've listen to by artist. So I thought it would be badass to turn the chart into a wall poster, which I did:


However it was no easy task whatsoever. I had to begin with a PDF of the chart. I found some free program that would let me turn the pdf into a jpg by printing the pdf and choosing the program as my printer. I picked a high resolution and got a somewhat big jpg. It took a long time but it worked for the most part. From there I'm stuck with a wide-ass jpg. I can't find any program to split a picture across multiple pages. I resorted to manually resizing the chart until it was wide enough to span a page and then figuring out exactly how tall the chart was per page. Then I sliced the thing up and printed separate pages. Is there some kind of app I can use to make the slicing part easier? Also is there a better way to convert a pdf to a jpg, the one I'm using leaves a watermark.

Once I get it down to a science I wanna have it printed by a good place at a real high dpi (the band names get really small if you listen to a little bit of them) and make a cool poster. The B&W thing is temporary, however I think its still cool.

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photoshop, atleast 7, has issues opening pdf files, especially when they're giant, it creates crazy lines and messes areas up totally like this:


i dont know what you're talking about at the end there, do you mean use a printer that prints on a long spool of paper? i dont have one of those.

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no there are special printers availble for printing in A0 (Letterformat^8) (in germany we call it DIN for Deutsche Industrie Norm and define everything with it). we have one in our church-community to print out posters for our events and stuff and you can easily print paper with up to 1 meter length.

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