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ins_samawah (Insurgency)

El Moroes

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Hi dudes,

It's been a long time that I havn't post here and I think it's time to go back in this forum :)

So I decided to show you my map for Insurgency called Samawah.

Here is the story :

"Located 280 km southeast of Baghdad, the Samawah Oil Refinery is a key strategic resource for the Insurgency.

US Troops must take control of it if they want to succeed in their offensive."

This map exist in two versions > day and night.

If you want to test it, I invit you in the game : Insurgency

Here are the screens :







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wtf i thought this map has already been finished :???: i saw pictures of it about half a year or more ago :?

but well, the night version of the map seems too blue´ish, but the skybox is really awesome :)

to the day version, it looks like there is no background, but these are probably just the screens...

anyway, this map is awesome!

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There is a big evolution in a year...and it's still in evolution you know!

Yeah it seems too blue but in-game I put a grey/blue colorcorrection so it has a better render!

The background in this map is a desert with some palms trees so it's normal to have this impression! :)

Thanks for your comments! :)

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