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World War III anyone?


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What's this about?


Another analysis on the conflict:


Of course saying this localized conflict could lead to a new World War is a bit overreacting but it still is a very serious situation, considering it could also spread to another separatist region within Georgia called Abkhazia. Another potential threat to peace is that the hate generated by this conflict could fuel paramilitary and terrorist groups and situations like the russian school invasion could happen again.

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thats not clear afaik. georgia accuses russia of attacking first and russia claims they were only defending from the attacks from georgia's side. either way, georgia declared state of war if thats what you mean?

also: if one side is to provit from this, its russia. i dont see any reason for georgia to attack russia so id reckon if one of the two sides is lying, its russia.

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This is about the area Ossetia, which is an independent state, which is russian supportet and protected. Georgia doesn't like Ossetia and they probably want their land back, but Ossetia wants to go under russian rule.

TBH I think that Georgia started it to show the world (NATO), that they don't take crap from the russians, but the ruskies was pushing their boundary's when their planes got shot.

I am glad that Georgia isn't a part of NATO.

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... A simmilar crysis could have happened in Kosovo but ...

:D has happend to me too ! kinda wiered how a game can change your preception of spelling :D

all around i am not educated enaugh about the situation to express any kind of opinion or even have one ... all i know is it makes me feel bad.

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ossetia is part of georgia. they are a more or less autonom province but they don't belong to russia nor are they independent (at least until yesterday!)

they aren't recognized by anyone, that's true. but, afaik. their passports are Russian, since the Russian government wants to take them under their wing.

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