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[TF2] ctf_outset


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This was my entry to compo25 over at TWHL. The idea was to remake a map from another game/engine, so I chose to remake outset island from WindWaker. (Which, if you haven't played it yet, is a great game :D)

As such, there are a few things I'm going to set straight first before you comment. Firstly, the original was singleplayer, and as such I've done my best to optimize (a lot, believe me), but any continuing issues you might have are probably due to how open it is (which I wont change).

Secondly, sniper's aren't as such a big problem as they might seem, mainly due to the layout. Also, I've also only tested at 4v4, which worked well, not sure about gameplay above that.

(I've also taken the liberty of adding in extra bits not in the original, mainly so that it fits into tf2 and also so that the layout works better)

So yeh, screens:






Here's a dl link:



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