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Hi there.

I have created a map for Empires, a source mod that combines RTS elements with FPS. To create the terrain in this map I used Terragen to create a heightmap and Dispgen to convert this into displacement geometry. I have written a tutorial on this technique for other Empires mappers, as Empires maps are bigger than most mods to make for better use of vehicles, they tend to take up most of the size of the hammer grid, and I found this technique to be very good for making large areas of terrain that are also decent looking and easy on resources.

Anyway here is my map:

Picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 3

If you play Empires please visit this thread for download location and to leave gameplay feedback.

If you want to learn how to use Terragen and Dispgen to make terrain like this, here is my tutorial: http://forums.empiresmod.com/showthread.php?t=6332

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Looks good. The fog is not matching the skybox though. Edit the skybox in photoshop to make it suitable:

- Pick your map's fog color (RGB)

- In photoshop open all 4 side views of the skybox

- Choose gradient fill. One of the ends should be transparent and the other one should be your fog color.

- Use gradient fill and add the fog to your skybox. A lot of testing needs to be done to get the height right though. In my experience the fog should cover about 70% of the side views in order to blend in nicely with the environment.

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Interesting, I haven't ever playin this mod so I can't really say much about the map.

I agree with the fog colour comment by Minotauro, if this was a foresty map, I would suggest a green or bluish fog, but in this case, I would suggest adjusting the skybox to suit the fog (although the fog seems a bit bright to me).

Not much else I can say though, it looks like an RTS map.

Well done :).

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