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need help with specular map


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so im trying to add a specular map to a wall texture ive made and when running in ldr it looks ok but when i use hdr everything turns completely shiny and my texture becomes plastic! :cry:

here are some screenshots:

with hdr:



without hdr:



as you can see the ldr version's specularity is barely visible so why does it turn into plastic in hdr mode? some help would be greatly apreciated

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that's what HDR does. it overbrights regions that are light intense. atm you are looking in a dark region and every tiny lightspot will be very bright due to the simulation of a human eye. if you want to bypass this effect even while being in HDR mode, you can define a region in your VMT file to lower the envmap intensity when in DX9 HDR mode. i don't have the code right in front of me but there exist several files in source engine games that use these commands.

i hope this helped

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dont really know what kind of method your refering to but im already using the commands to lower the contrast and saturation.

here is my vmt file:



"$basetexture" "set01/brick01"

"$bumpmap" "set01/brick01_normal"

"$envmaptint" "[ 0.3 0.3 0.3 ]"

"$normalmapalphaenvmapmask" 1

"$envmapcontrast" 0.2

"$envmapsaturation" 0.2

"$envmap" "env_cubemap"

"$surfaceprop" "brick"

"%keywords" "set01"


dont know if it could be of any help but im not really sure if the hdr effect is the problem.

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