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totally random texture thread

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3 minutes ago, Steppenwolf said:

The crevices on the basecolor look pretty dark for a pbr texture. That's what the ao map is there for. The new hbao node does a very good job for that. Under PBR Utilities you can also find a PBR Albedo Safe Color node that you can plug in before your basecolor output in case you're unsure if some values are too dark or too bright.

Thanks, I didn't know much about this. I only knew certain value ranges aren't good for PBR. Also I know I made it in the PBR workflow (because I've never made a Substance that way) but the diffuse I ended up blending a lot of stuff into it so it looks good in CS:GO as well. I'll post a screenshot of it in-game soon

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I'm trying to get going with @Yanzl's Source Shader but it seems to me that the diffuse isn't showing properly.

For instance when I use @Motanum's example substance it looks like this:


while I'm sure it should look like this



Apparently it works fine for everybody else so I'm obviously doing something wrong.

Hint requested.

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Awesome Jenn0! The new curve editor is super nice. Will be super useful for ornamental things and things like trim textures.


Some crap i was working on last night. Need to polish them turds a bit more before i make marmoset beauty shits shots.


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