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totally random texture thread

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3 hours ago, Steppenwolf said:

I created the shape of a single tile and then i plugged it into a tile generator with some parameters to randomize things a little, like size, rotation, offset.


I did the same but my result didn't even look half as good as yours. It seems like you used multiple generators and blended them together...


you should make a Tutorial on that als roof tiles are more complicated then bricks ;-)

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Well, once the shape is fed into the tile generator it runs through a whole other contraption of filters, noises and masks to create variation and get rid of the procedural look but it all follows the basic principle of adding layers of ever smaller details on top of each other.

This Substance got pretty complex in the end and getting the roof tile shape took some experimenting but as with everything in Substance it can be broken down into very simple parts. When you take a look at the graph it's really just some basic geometric shapes, gradients and 2d transforms blended and masked together. For getting some of the round and skewed shapes i used simple directional warps with gradients to drive them. I didn't use any advanced tricks.

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On another note: when you make something like the tile shape always use tesselation and crank the scale up so you see exactly what's going on and how your tweaks affect the shape. For your large shapes in the early stage the heightmap is king, gives you a much better impression of what you're doing then looking at a flat surface with just a normal map.

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Thanks guys <3

And yeah, I kinda agree Pampers but like Steppenwolf said, if I didn't post it someone would ask for it. It's as much insurance to the claim it was made in SD as it is breakdown of the graph. That said if anyone wanted any specific shots I'd be happy to share.

I wish Allegorithmic would add some function to quickly output a high-resolution shot of your graph.

On 9/15/2016 at 2:24 PM, PogoP said:

Fuckin hell man thats insane. Nice work! Is it all one texture? Wrapped around a cylinder and displaced?

Thanks :) It's 4 textures I exported from the one graph with vertex blending done in UE4 using tessellation. These are the individual ones I used:



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