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totally random texture thread


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Someone gives source texture and everybody pimps it, best wins.

... then 3 weeks after the compo is done everybody starts thinking what to do with it. Also, there is texture competition on g-a.net atm.

We could have a pack of like 5 or 6 different photos and people should make a texture set out of those 5 photos only. It's amazing how knowing the right tricks and shortcuts allows you to achieve any results you want. Neat idea tbh and I'm all up to it :D

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Interesting style. Looks like some kind of bronze material too. I only think it feels a bit "undiffused" I guess. I don't mean you should cream on with a lot of dirt and stuff. Or even worn edges. But something more perhaps.

That wall with a hole in it does have a very interesting design :)

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yeah its very undiffused :P. Basically just ambient occlusion bake, a photolayer and some playing around in ps to get some color out of it. I like the clean look, but it definitely needs something more as you said :). Going to try and make some of the metal parts a different color like i started doing on the right one (except more). I think im also going to get rid of the round things on the top because they look kinda cheap and crappy imo.

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