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totally random texture thread


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Some stuff I've been doing for Deus Ex:



(Just realized I used the same photosource as Dark on this one)


Btw dark, I'd recommend you take that small lighter yellow brick in the texture out - it tiles horribly because it really sticks out. There's plenty of others you can take from the photo and replace it. Sharpening the image would also make it look better, I think.

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Some stuff I've been doing for Deus Ex:

The scale looks wierd, to big, but they look good :)

Blame the Ion Storm level designers, I've kept the same texture scale :)

Edit: Shit, you're right on the first one actually! Thanks for pointing that out - I'm used to the "1:2" portion images to be 128X256 but this one was 64X128, so I put the wrong draw scale in for the texture.

New one - doesn't really look realistic but I quite like it. Basically made the geometry in Max, then applied some base metals and rendered it with AO and shadows.



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