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totally random texture thread

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@WD You are completely right, and you are not the only one telling me  :cry:

I did it for personnal training only and don't plan to use it anywhere for now. But it will surely come in handy in some time, so i applied really few minor changes in a duplicated file, just in case I can't hide the tiling if it is used for large surfaces - following your feedback.
I'll surely have to work more on it when the time comes.




Thank you :)

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Having a bit of fun creating new textures for my new map in CSGO

Diffuse and normal maps are photo source-based, all (painfully) created and edited in Photoshop :D;  I'm really tempted to start using Substance Designer after seeing the smooth workflow and all the awesome textures created with it in this thread.




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Not bad Will2K, but remove all you lighting information from your diffuse ! It suggest a lighting setup that do not necessary matchs the one you have in your level. Let your normal map create the blend between your texture and the scene for that.


About Substance, be careful. It looks Easy, since people are showing tones of classic stuff (Floor tile, wood planks, bricks...) made and already remade (And easy to do.. so very popular in student places ! )... Pattern texture are certainly the easier to achieve, but when you're looking for something more organic and natural ( Plaster wall with spatula marks), things are getting seriously harder and will add challenges that you wouldn't had with a classic Zbrush / photoshop workflow.... Btw, Zbrush / Substance designer is certainly the best way to do absolutly everything you want... but do not only count on Designer to make absolutely everything ;)

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Hey this might be the wrong place but I have a question about creating textures.

I would love to spend some of my free time creating textures for CSGO, my ultimate goal would be to make my own maps but I want to wait till I am a bit better at the game so I will have a better understanding of how maps work well. In the mean time I want to make textures so I can help others with their maps. Where would I start? It was difficult finding any information online, most websites skip the creation of the textures and go straight to telling me how to get them into hammer. That's not what I want to know. I want to know where I would begin if I wanted to create, say, my own brick texture. What programs would be recommended? I have experience in GIMP and am excited to look into blender but it would help if I knew what to prioritise. 


Any help is appreciated!

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