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Go! Go! Go! Bionic [Commando: Rearmed]!

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Waiting for the steam version! Congrats again Grin =)

Did any mapcorians work on this game?

Me, Steppen, Voodoochopstiks and Oski , did some additional level design stuff (some challengerooms)

Then Phil, andrew H and did some 3d and effects.

Dunno If I missed anyone

Another reason for everyone here to buy the game, it's pretty cheap as well, so! :cool:

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Did they say steppen this shit sucks all your content is cut for being bad!11

No. i guess my levels were just to easy. Most of the challenge rooms that made it in the game are pretty fucking hard. Look at this its insane:


I don't have the gaming skill to produce something that is only half as hard. I could never finish my own level lol.

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Completed the game a few days ago (sunday), and almost done with all the challenges. Haven't had much time since monday. But it's really an awesome game, and true to the original. The game itself wasn't all that hard, but it was a whole lot of fun. The challenge rooms, however, are stepping up to the plate a bit. And it's awesome :) I've missed a game like this for a while now. Good job!

Oh, and I also got all the achievements you can get in one playthrough :) Time to play the game on hard and super hard!

(Also, I'm posting this through chrome and I'm getting occasional hangups where nothing seems to respond???)

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It must be a lot more fun with a joypad though!

Actually yes, because i can't get pass area 6 with a keyboard. On the map i need to go north-east, BUT, i only can get north and east.

I'm trying to push the two keys simultaneously with no luck, it's impossible on a keyboard, the chopper transfer me only north or east. I'm stuck and it's lame :sad:, anyone knows how to get pass this without having to buy a pad ? grin employes ?

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