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Go! Go! Go! Bionic [Commando: Rearmed]!

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It's a great pity that there is no steam release..

WTH happened with Capcom?! :(:mad:

yea i was pretty disappointed yesterday. But there is other options for purchase. I have my version of BCR from direct2drive.com

You don't have to download any software or downloader if you dont want. you only need to register on their website (or you can login with a gamespy id if you have one). After you payed you can download a exe file installer. No third party program needed to run the game.

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Valve announced yesterday (or better: A Valve employee posted in the steam boards) that they currently have to many requests for games to be released on steam and they need more people urgently to speed up the release-process at steam. seems like BCR became a victim of this but it's only a matter of time until it's released on steam as well...

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[...]but it's only a matter of time until it's released on steam as well...

Are you sure?

I would love to have this in my steam collection. :>

btw: Would the Radeon 9800xt run the game?


direct2drive: This product is available for worldwide purchase except in the following countries: Germany, Japan, and South Korea.

o~ great. :mad:

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Awesome game, I just bought it off the PSN, and I must say its quite fun. Although I never played the original to get most of the nostalgia, I'm still really enjoying it. my only complaint is they didn't explain how to hack very well, (or at all) past a free trial and error room that I just messed with until i figured it out. Great job people at Grin, Hopefully this is a sign that the next gen version is going to rock!

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This game is pure awesome!

Sega should do the same with Sonic!

PS. holy shit I just read the PC version is more expensive than consoles version?! How gay is that?!

Sorry my beloved PC, but I'm gonna spare 5 bucks and download this on PSN

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