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[HP] ~ 3D Sketchbook Thread


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Lot's of people have a dedicated thread to dump the models they're working on, and I decided to do the same.

I guess it's better this way, instead of having a loosen thread for every props I might do in the future, plus this will probably serve a self motivation for me! :cool:

here's my first piece, nothing major or special, since I'm just getting started on this whole next gen prop modeling stuff, so here we go!


*Thanks to buddy for the help!

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Inspired by the Pillar Eat3d tutorial, here's my first try at making a decent high poly mesh on a digital sculpting apps.

I used MudBox, and although I'm not completed satisfied with the results I learn't a lot. nevertheless, i guess this will do just fine for the normal map.


I'll post more screens as I progress on this prop. :)

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Aye Peris, I tottaly agree... After looking at it now, all I see is a pillar that's been under water for 30 years, and hey, maybe I'll try to recreate that! :D

The tutorial is totally awesome, I bought the Pillar and the Texturing one, and I tell you guys, it's a must for every env artist!

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some random thoughts...

- I'd give those vertical trims on the concrete wall a slightly different color, right now the whole wall looks a bit too bland grey imo.

- the numbers rightmost are too strong and look somehow out of place (same goes for your name)

- I'd change the blood on the floor to something like grunge or slime, that would fit better to the drain you've got there I guess.

Now make a nice normalmap ;)

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