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[TF2] pl_quarry


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Hey guys!

This is my latest project for TF2, after my last one, ctf_quarry. I learnt a lot about multiplayer level design from that map, it being my first ever released map, and realised that whilst some things worked quite well, others didn't work so well. So after a discussion with a friend over Steam, I felt inspired to take the my original idea of a map set in a quarry (with the minecarts of death!), and re-vamp it, paying more attention to gameplay issues. However, I felt that a simple overhaul of the existing map would have been a harder and less fun process than re-designing it from the ground up.

Therefore, I decided to change the gameplay mode to Payload, the latest type released by Valve. As a player, you will see a clear progression as you play through the map: the first stage being outside the quarry, in a simple mining 'village' of sorts; the second stage being set inside the quarry itself (here you will see the return of the killer minecarts!); and the third and final stage being set still inside the quarry, but also the heart of the red base. In the last stage, the player will be treated to (hopefully) a magnificent vista of a huge underground rocket launchpad, with a huge rocket being fuelled, ready for launch. This will be the final stage of the battle and should be quite climactic!

This map has been in development for a little 3 weeks now, I spent a couple of weeks tying up loose ends on existing projects, and then started playing with layout ideas and getting back into the TF2 art-style, but I now feel the map is progressing to a stage worthy of screenshots. At least, screenshots that aren't riddled with dev textures, anyway!

I'm working on the map stage-by-stage, and will probably release each stage upon their individual completion to a select group of playtesters, before releasing the map in its entirety. At the moment, the first stage is approximately 40% done. It's a lengthy process trying to detail and optimize at the same time!

TLDR? For people that can't be arsed to read all that, here's the gist of it: Quarry is being built again from the ground up, but now as a Payload map. The only thing it'll have in common with its predecessor is the style of the "hidden evil genius' lair within an inconspicuous underground Quarry underneath an unassuming mining village" and of course, "killer minecarts of death".

Anyway, here's some screenshots just for you guys, this is a Mapcore exclusive, zomg! :celebrate: Everything you see here is pretty much just yesterday and today's work, I've really been working hard on getting this little area complete.




And this is the Blu spawn area, it's meant to be some kind of train station. You'll be able to tell more easily when you play the map! I worked on this area a couple of weeks ago when I was getting back into the TF2 art-style again.


Ignore any purple textures and the odd colour of the ambient environment light, they're on my list of things to fix!

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