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Terminator 4


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He is perfect for the roll tbh. He almost rejected the roll because doing another trilogy would be a bad choice for his career. But they proved to him that they are reinventing the way the new terminator movies will be. Knowing bale he will play it down to a perfection. I have only seen 1-2 rolls of his where they have been poor (see shaft). Other than that almost all his characters are original looking and each have a new accent.

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Yeah, it really does. I hope they turn the Terminator series round again and make it into a really gritty, serious film series again. There's no doubt the first was awesome, but with all the 80s style in that film, I can't help but feel that it's really cheesy each time I watch it.

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according to bale he wouldnt of signed on unless they revamped the way the characters / movie would play out. He also said that they made the film so appealing that he signed up for 3 movies not 1. I am guessing they are making it right if bale said that. Lets face it bale pretty much chooses only good movies, except shaft <_< that was crap.

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Funny yes, but i think that lighting guy deserved it. The scene that they were doing was one of the most emotional scenes in the movie and potentially could make or break it and the lighting guy was walking around in the background (Something YOU NEVER DO during a scene) several times. Plus I think bale suffers from depression. Kinda sucks for him that this got leaked but i like bale more now tbh. I sometimes get extreme rage like this :P especially in traffic

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