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Jedi Knight Mod (yes, the old one) needs help

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I thought I'd post here as I was rather impressed by the speed and quality of the contributions to the HL texture recreation topic. This mod ( http://shamusworld.gotdns.org/df2mod/ ) is looking for all manner of help, but more specifically they need some keen texture artists. So, I thought I'd ask where all the talent obviously is!

The mod will be for the Jedi Academy engine and will hopefully be doing other things like enhancing the architecture of the maps to bring them more in line with current technological capabilities.

Unfortunately, I'm not strictly affiliated with the mod, I'm just an eager fan, but if you follow the link above then you should find everyone that you need to contact.

I hope this is the right place to make such a request, if posting here was in terribly bad form, then please feel free to have my post deleted and to also accept my apologies.

Thanks for taking the time to read this

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