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Borderlands E3 walkthrough

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This is great, I get to sit here waiting for steam to unlock the fucking PC versions while all my friends are running around playing a bootleg version. Why do I bother, I could be playing with them right now instead of trying to be Mr. Nice Pc Guy. GIMME MY FUCKING GAME.

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This is great, I get to sit here waiting for steam to unlock the fucking PC versions while all my friends are running around playing a bootleg version. Why do I bother, I could be playing with them right now instead of trying to be Mr. Nice Pc Guy. GIMME MY FUCKING GAME.

lol ditto.

Its gonna be worse with CoD :(

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Played it for a few hours last night. Overall the game is very good. I'm having a good bit of fun playing it. My only complaints are nit-picks, which don't really detract from the overall quality of the game.

//begin Yahtzee-esqe rant (I apologize in advance)

if it was the developer's intention to make me want to kill Claptrap because he's so.fucking.annoying... job well done. In the very beginning

when the angel tells you to find the repair kit to fix him... I really didn't want to. It was in that instance I really wish the game had a moral choice system so that I could just leave him there to rot.

And when you're supposed to follow him to a gate, it's all well and good when you have to follow characters, but for the love of God, game developers, whenever you drag behind a little bit, don't make the character yell out "I'm over here!" every three seconds while I'm distracted by picking up nearby loot. Wolfenstein did this as well, although much worse. When you're following a resistance dude through town, you could be close enough to start a conga line with him, yet every corner he would stop and say "This way" or "Hurry Up" or "We must move quickly!"... if you want me to move quickly, shut the fuck up and keep moving, I'm right fucking behind you, we'd move faster if you wouldn't stop at every fucking corner to tell me how quickly we have to get there! //end rant

Also, didn't Randy Pitchford say there would be no loading screens after the game starts? What ever happened to that? You can call it whatever you want (a Transition, is it?), it's still a loading screen. At least Assassin's Creed masked the loading screens by letting you run around a cloudy construct. Unless the loading screen "transitions" are a PC version only.

Again, just nit-picks. The game is very good. Glad I bought it, and will probably do multiple play-throughs.

[EDIT] Ah, buddy who used to work at gearbox told me the "no loading screens" quote was for the pre-cell-shaded version of Borderlands. Loading screen complaint withdrawn. The game is now certified awesome by me, except for those damn annoying robots...

I wish the quests to help the dieing ones didn't give me stuff I actually want, because otherwise I'd just leave them to rot.

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A friend of mine just recently purchased this for xbox 360 and we've been playing co-op. I think we're both about level 20 now. I really enjoy the character class upgrading and looting aspects of the game. The game mostly has you going on a bunch of forgettable quests to obtain experience and items. It's a pretty repetitive game, but it's rewarding and fun to see your character progress and become better. Other than the RPG elements, it pretty much plays like your standard FPS, although there is some strategy involved when planning your next move. The fire fights and fast moving desert monsters can get intense from time to time.

However, I'm not a huge fan of the fact that while playing a splitscreen co-op game with a friend, the character menus don't fit inside your frame of view. You literally have to scroll around an over-sized menu with the right joystick and then select things with the left joystick. It's mostly annoying when trying to compare items or shopping... actually pretty much anything. I have however gotten used to this unfortunate design after a few hours of play and moved on. (To be honest though, I haven't checked for any split screen video options. )

Overall, it's a pretty solid game. If you're really into Diablo and stylized first person shooters, this is the game for you. I think this game would be really fun to play with 4 people all filling the role of an individual character class, as it's already a lot of fun with just one other person. Preferably, I'd rather play this on PC, but when you're playing it for free it isn't so bad.

yup :v

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Finished the "story" yesterday with my friends in full 4 player coop. Story sucks massive donkey dicks. The angel is incredibly annoying and we wished for a way to turn her off. Some excellent voice acting and dialogue in the game, though. Shame they didn't do so well with the "story". Patricia Tannis for example has some great lines along with Jakob, TK Baha and Scooter. I'm level 39 and my friends are 45, 40 and 39. We're on the second playthrough at the moment and finding some sweet shit.


- Great voice acting and characters.

- Addictive as hell.

- cool guns even if most of them are just the same model with a different colour

- Nice cartoon look.

- Pretty damn funny.

- Great audio.

- Lots of nicely designed bad guys to blow apart.

- Jakobs lines on the vending machines. "A good defence is not just a good offence. It's a good defence!" "Are you not accurate enough? Then you need to shoot more bullets!"

- Just good fun!


- It's stuck to 60 FOV and makes me want to vomit everywhere. When will developers learn this doesn't work on PC's. There's a cheap hack you can do in the config but it doesn't work properly all of the time.

- Voice transmit is constantly enabled so you have to tweak the damn config again to turn that off.

- Mouse smoothing is on by default with no way of turning it off. SO YOU HAVE TO EDIT THE CONFIG AGAIN.

- Scroll wheel doesn't work in dialogue boxes.

- Not as open ended as I had hoped. You are constantly teased with huge expansive looking areas but try and head towards it and the game kills you.

- LOTS of invisible barriers

One especially good moment was meeting 9 toes when the camera freezes on him for a moment. "NINETOES (ALSO HAS 3 BALLS!)"


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finished it the other day. Gotta agree with dux on most of his points. The thing that pisses me off about the paper-thin story is that idea of what's there is actually not that bad, it's just horribly executed. Overall the gameplay is very fun and highly addictive and it's an all around fun game to play, but the ending (if one can even call it that) is just plain horrible. I see what gearbox tried to do there, but since it was so poorly executed, it leaves you with a sense of... well anything. I agree with a friend of mine's analogy of the Borderlands story structure: "It's like Star Wars Episodes 1 through 3. It's not a bad story. It's just horribly timed and horribly executed. The useless parts are drawn out much longer than they should be, and the important parts are rushed through with little to no exposition".

Also, the folks at gearbox really need to work on boss fights. The majority of the boss fights consisted of weak AI on bosses with about three different attack moves (and they pretty much only stuck to one) and very obvious weak spots.

I'll do a second play through at some point in the future with another character. Borderlands was good, but not good enough to play through twice back to back.

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