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Duke! The most weird trailer, ever?!


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This is confusing in multiple ways.

a) Why would you make a four minute trailer when you've got nothing but logos and clip art from old games?

b) Didn't 3DR claim E3 is worthless and irrelevant and they didn't even know it was coming up? I know it says Apogee but Apogee IS 3Dr, just under a different name. They revived the logo for their ports of the old Apogee and Duke games to handhelds.

Based on these I must assume that someone is taking the piss.

(The trailer's for the Apogee ports of the old Duke Nukem games to handhelds)

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Here is an article that might answer some of your questions (duke nukem - chain reaction wtf? what are these titles? apogee???):


The trailer begs a different question though: How long can a company take credit for accomplishments from long time ago, by milking the same franchise without bringing it substantially forward?

Apart from a brief logo-filled teaser, Apogee has yet to provide any media from Duke Nukem Trilogy. According to Nagy, our first glimpse of the game isn't likely to be until October, which he hopes will signal the arrival of a "really good trailer."

Answer: In the case of 3D Realsm/Apogee - for very long!

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