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I got back Sunday from a week long stay at Beaches Sandy Bay. I did I think 10 dives and upgraded my certification. Most of these are under water during various dives, some at night (The flash on the camera is blocked by the lens when the underwater case is on leaving a dark area in the bottom right of flash pics taken at night). The last 15 or so pics were taken at a restaurant we went to out last night, it's one of the 10 best bars in the world with a restaurant on top, a reggae stage in front, a pool to the side with tables in it, and cliff diving at the edge. The ones at night were taken with 15 second exposure, they're the best I could do without a tripod in a very low light situation. I figured it would be easy to link to a page of pics since there are a lot (60). Enjoy :)


All pics were taken with my Canon SD850IS, love the little thing.

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Thanks, I was hanging out without someone who worked at the resort in his room and we turn over to see the crab sitting on the floor. His room is probably a football field away from the ocean and there were a few steps up along the way with a door to his room, so it was weird to find the thing there. We pushed it out of the room with a broom and it ran under a couch immediately after the photo. We moved the couch but couldn't find it so I flipped the couch and found him hiding inside :)

I actually saw two different planes under water, the first one is hard to see because it was at night, the second one was during my 100ft deep dive. The turtle and stingray were cool, I have another picture with 2 stingrays swimming side by side but they're not very clear because they were further away. Picture #31 is a little squid too if you couldn't tell, I thought that was cool. Plus there are two eels in there.

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