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Level Designer for Driving Game


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Feel driven to succeed? We're working to produce a next generation driving game that mixes genres as well as audiences, and we need a few good designers to lend a hand. Are you one of them?


Our Orange County studio is looking for experienced game designers to join our team to craft our unannounced project.

Successful applicants will be assigned to a team that already contains some of the most influential developers in games to create our next-generation title.

Primary Responsibilities include:

Work on large sections of the game and help sculpt the true feeling of a world.

Create quality designs that fit well with the pacing of the game. (As opposed to low quality designs that destroy the feel of the game).

Work with a team of highly talented programmers, artists, and designers.

Accept and provide direction, work well under pressure, and handle multiple tasks.


2+ years of game design or equivalent experience

Strong knowledge of level design methodology

Ability to write compelling narratives

Effective communication, interpersonal, and organization skills

Ability to work in a team efficiently and with diplomacy

Passion for developing and playing video games

Experience with modeling programs such as Maya and 3DS Max are a plus.

Experience with driving or racing games is a plus.

About us:

We are an equal opportunity employer with a competitive salary structure and very good benefits. Our employees enjoy a stable and flexible environment with many fun perks.

Benefits include:

Medical insurance

Stock options


Free drinks and snacks

Send your resume and design samples to ocgamejob@gmail.com. Please make the subject of your mail "design."

Sorry that we can't tell you who we are, but our project is still under wraps!

P.s. this isn't a headhunter or an agency.

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