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Ins_abdallah is the map I worked on for Insurgency for over a year. I did nearly everything in this map: gameplay, brushwork, models and textures, lighting and optimization. I'm finally calling it finished now. The RC version was a success. Despite some bugs and exploits everyone seemed to enjoy the layout, thats why I won't do any further changes to it on unless extremely need.

We have deployed a massive update to the mod last week including an updated version of Abdallah. I fixed nearly all the bugs reported since the release of RC1 and also improved the layout, graphics and framerate. Be sure to check it out ingame ;)



(The mod is free to anyone who owns any Source powered games)


Additional textures: Insurgency team (most notably: ooghi, spine and union)

Additional models: PhilipK & Insurgency team (most notably: steppenwolf, pericolos0, skybex)

Soundscapes, Ambient sounds: Stringed_Evil

Overhead map/loading screen: Spielmann

Special thanks:

Endless, Skjalg, Stringed_Evil, brooker, spielmann, jaboo, 2d-chris, Bluestrike, steppenwolf, the entire INS staff, helpful community members, anyone I may be forgetting!








enjoy :banjo:

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Looks really good. I like the atmosphere. Two nitpicks are that the bombed tanks look unnaturally black (the burning cars match the environment much better) and that the sandbags have a bit borked vertexlighting (the upsides of all the bags are fully lit even though they are in shade). Are the bags placed individually or is it a big chunk of bags? These are just nitpicks though, overall it looks great.

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