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Game for teaching of ESL, TGEA/XNA

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Hey there all,

My name's Matthew White, and I'm a Ph.D. Student at Memorial University of Newfoundland.

Currently working on an open/sandbox RPG for the teaching of English as a Foreign language as part of my Ph.D. dissertation.

The game is currently called Wayfarer, although this is only a development title, and I'm quite sure that the name will change.

It is being coded in torque/XNA for portability to the X360, and is being designed to be used in a large-scale test of its efficiency in assisting speakers of foreign languages to learn English.

Anyone with a passion for education or games, or who has some free time, should check out Wayfarer at www.matthewwhite.ca

I have a decent amount of work done already, but any talented 2D artists, 3D artists, coders, cinema/film designers, or translators (currently need fluent Japanese, English) are more than welcome to hop on over!

Any help/support is greatly appreciated, and full credit will be given in the final work, which will receive considerable attention.

Thanks very much,

Matthew M. White, M.Ed. :zoidberg:

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Sounds cool, don't know if I can contribute too much to it but I'll sure take some look at the project and link my sister to it (She speaks japanese (and another 6 languages :S )) and might be interested in helping (since she's teaching latinamerican immigrant kids japanese she's quite some experience with that kind of stuff)

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