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UT3 -- P.I.E. and Build works... Cook and Play don't.


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Okay guys:

Having some issues with Unreal Tournament 3 map making.

You may see the W.I.P. at http://www.loosescrew.ca/UncookedSkyhook.zip. (Before you play in editor... rebuild all... rebuilding works... just needs to be done again.)

If you attempt to play UT3 using -useunpublished and selecting Skyhook_beta1 in Instant Action under Capture the Flag... it will load until it ultimately crashes.

If you attempt to COOK the map, it will get to "cooking ls_Skyhook" and then crash. The logfile claims it as a "General Protection Fault".

Since the build I deleted the blocking volumes and replaced the volume pathnodes with standard pathnodes (as well as fix duplicate StaticMeshActor_69). It still crashed in exactly the same way.

Is there any way to tell more specifically what's crashing (or/and... if someone could mention what's crashing specifically)? I assume it's a bad asset in ls_Skyhook -- but I can't even begin to narrow it down.

Bare in mind it is an unoptimized gameplay build that was intended for MSU... it looks ugly and has no polish but should at least be fun.

Is there any way to figure out what is crashing me to desktop?

To recap:

Play in Editor? Works

Build All? Works

Play in UT3 the actual game {uncooked}? Crash

Cook? Crash

Thanks for any help you may provide.

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