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My props rendered with Mental Ray


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Yo all,

I decided to put together a quick scene for my portfolio, to show some basic modeling skills, I discovered mental ray and got all excited, so i made this sucka. If anything stands out as really stupid let me know :D

Took me about 8 hours from start to finish, but i'm not really quick with maya yet ;)


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Good lighting, definitely.

I'd recommend you, also take a look at VRay! In my humble opinion, is much more user friendly than MR when doing photo realistic interiors!

Plus, there is this great web site with lot's and lot's of materials that you can use to serve as a starting point for you'r own: http://www.vray-materials.de/

I worked with VRay for more than 2 years on architectural visualization, and that render engine really takes the cake when it comes to realistic lighting!

Vray GI system is just phenomenal, I'm working on games now, so I don't use it for more than a year, but you can use photons, irradiance mapping and light cache within different passes!

here's one of my renders when I used to work on it back then, drop me a word if you need any help with it.


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Thanks for the kind words all. The info about rendering is also much appreciated, cheers HP. I'm very new to the whole model art thing, sure I've been using maya for quite a while but it was only for very low poly environment construction!

Who knows, art is fun so I might keep going with it!

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