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[TF2] Pyro_Breakout


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Pyro_breakout_b1 has been released! http://www.fpsbanana.com/maps/58153












Known issues: Two of the spectator cameras are tilted. The cubemaps for the water pits at the bottom of the stairways leading to the underground dungeon arena seem to not work. The ramp leading out of the red audience box in the underground dungeon arena tends to catch people trying to leave it. As these aren't issues people are likely to run into often, really, I didn't feel like they alone warranted a rebuild. They'll be fixed in b2 along with whatever crushing bugs people dig up in the meantime.

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I just lost all the work I did today. :gonk: Hammer started throwing up an error "parsing plane definition". Looking it up shows only one link in German so I don't know what the fuck. While I was trying to track down the cause in Hammer it crashed... and when I tried to load the map again it said "Out of memory loading solid" then "line 24544 error 7 Error loading file" and then crashed. I tried the autosaves... somehow all five of the Autosaves were similarly corrupted at once. :cry: I used vmex to decompile the saved .bsp and found it hasn't properly been writing all day without bothering to throw up an error- what's in the BSP is just what was added yesterday. Everything I've done today went up in a cloud of smoke. :(

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