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AC adapter


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ok i got a question:

i am thinking of purchasing some electronics in Canada/US and since they have different plugs than we have here in europe i was wondering if i could put a regular "german" cable into such an adapter box:


most notebook come with those AC adapters and only the wiring seems to differ for the power plug in the wall.

to make my question even more clearer: can i use this german cable instead of this american one?

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you will need an adapter for the cable to be able to plug it into an american adapter... Also you might want to check if this won't destroy your laptop.. Europe uses 220V outlets, Canada/US uses 110V

I tried plugging my Canadian amplifier into a european outlet using an adapter and I fried my amp... So be careful! :cry:

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weird coincidence..

i have just had the same problem today. actually it will say on the adapter how much voltage it can take. as far as my laptop and mobile go (i bought a converter at the SFO airport), i have had no troubles at all; but then again i am coming from europe going US, which means a voltage decrease.

see if you can figure out how much voltage the PSU can take. if it's 100~240, you can use your own cable. if it's stuck at 100~110, you can't. i will say though, it'll be a rare case that the PSU does not have worldwide support.

also, american keyboards are of the suck.

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I bought a Macbook when I was in Canada over christmas, and currently I'm using this thing to plug it in:


It works alright, but is somewhat inconvenient, especially as I share the adaptor with my camera battery charger and razor. I really wish there was some standard for this, as electronics in Canada are much cheaper than Sweden, so I could save some money buying stuff when I go back to visit.

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