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Guys from my very, very hardcore guild have all very good impressions of it. They can't talk about the beta, but as soon as they lift the NDA I can point you guys to some pretty neat impressions.

If you want some more info: http://www.theamazonbasin.com/d3/forums/

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Completed my first run as a wizard.

its .... diablo ....

It is very easy?! Seems like they still have some balancing to do or maybe it's because it's the beginning of the game. Anyway, nothing that has blown my mind yet, but I do appreciate the little things they added to make certain things less tedious: picking up multiple batches of gold in the vicinity at the same time (or having a pet/companion that does this for you enitrely), journals that are read out loud while you can continue playing, selling items anywhere, ... Anyway, gonna check out some of the other classes, too~

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