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EA to PC Gamers: “Install 3 times? Buy another copy�


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wow i just so mad, that's the dumbest up to date ISSUE shit from EA for today..

"limits you to installing your game on your PC up to 3 times."

wtf? :wtf::wtf::wtf::wtf:

nuh, impossible. IMPOSSBILE!!!!

that site is bought by EA so they can write whateever they wanna write i don't believe this shit. sorry for that but if it's true i'm gonna feel me dissapointed, cuz they want me to pay for more then 3 TIMES (why not to makke 100 times atleast it would be better then 3...)... I think this system going to be expensive because as you see; not even high-level formatting can delete the system protection thing.. ugh.. wow, just .. awsome idea EA, u should be awarded for making me pay u more money.... ( sort of ...)


edit: still don't believe. Where is the FREE choise? Where is it? Is this another-UAC vista like- JOKE?

As some upset replier posted on that site let me quote it here:

“SecuROM™ protects your intellectual property - and thus your revenues” - SecuROM.com : Not when people dont buy because it has it.

Take your CD and jam it up your ***

tsk, tsk :fist:

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